10 Ways to Find Ideas to Boost Social Media Engagement

What is Social Media Engagement?

Before we proceed further and discuss ideas to grow social media engagement, let’s understand a little bit about the term. Social Media engagement is a reflection of your advertising or marketing campaigns and their effect. In other words, we can say, social media engagement refers to the interaction you receive from your customers on social media platforms. 

It’s a combination of multiple aspects done to build more interaction with customers. You will be able to see your social media engagement through comments, likes, and shares you receive on your platforms. In other words, the returning interaction from your audience is your social media engagement.

Measurements of Social Media Engagement

Social Media Engagement is measured through the interactions your platforms are getting from the audience. It can have a few elements I am mentioning further:

  • Likes on your social media posts;
  • Shares or retweets of your social media posts;
  • Comments on your posts;
  • Conversions through social media platforms;
  • Number of times your tags were used;
  • Number of times you were mentioned in stories or posts

Tips To Boost Social Media Engagement

Now comes the important part of this discussion. Furthermore, I will discuss a few tips to grow your social media engagement. These tips are taken from real-life examples and can result in good growth for your business.

1. Interact With your audience more

You can increase your social media engagement by interacting with your audience regularly. It will help them in keeping your brand remembered. Moreover, a fast reply to the queries of your audience also creates a positive impression. 

Here are a few ways to boost interaction with your social media audience:

  • Prepare and publish more content like quizzes, trivia, games, etc. In other words, publish types of content for the audience to comment on;
  • Reply comments individually, even if someone is criticizing your business. Stay polite and show that you care about everyone’s feedback;
  • Upload fun facts or visually stunning posts regularly to boost likes and shares on your posts;
  • Use trending hashtags and publish posts revolving around. Creativity can also be very effective in terms of increasing the interaction.

2. Observe Your Engagement and Create a Strategy

You can not follow the same social media strategies as your competitors are following. Instead, you can give yourself a little bit of time and observe your social media performance. Accordingly, your strategy should be based on the same.

For example, if you are planning to promote best shopping apps for women, your social media strategy should revolve around the target segment. You need to display the best products for women through graphics along with captions, short but crisp!

3. Use Brand Enthusiasts for your promotions

Brand Enthusiast term is used for your regular audience. In other words, the loyal audience of your brand can be used for your social media promotion. You can begin it by mentioning your super fans in appreciation posts. 

Brand Enthusiasts might find your appreciation gesture amazing and, it may result in sharing your posts on their social media. Furthermore, you might gain new followers through these activities.

4. Promote User Content On your social media

Many times happy customers show appreciation by uploading it on social media. Therefore, you can use such kinds of opportunities and reshare them on your platforms. While resharing, you should appreciate your customers for sharing their experience and also for using your product or service. Actions like these leave a long-lasting impression on the minds of your audience. You can customize your user content promotional strategy according to the platform.

5. Use Current Events To Create Content 

Use trending events and create content revolving around the same. For example, if there is a Musical Concert of Ed Sheran in your area, you can show your enthusiasm by creating a post based on the same. However, it can be an effective marketing strategy if you find a way of displaying your brand with the same.

6. Share Memes 

Well, Memes are trending on social media for quite a long time. Therefore, you can use your creativity and engage with your audience through funny memes based on your brand. Memes are usually one of the most effective ways of tackling the audience on social media platforms. 

7. Use Empathy and Humor to interact with your audience

In short, it is effective to reply to your audience with a human touch. Do not use the same answers to reply to everyone, read questions properly, and try to resolve queries with more emotions. However, it can be tough with a large audience, but you can categorize responses according to queries. In some special cases, where your audience is appreciating you or sharing any incident, replying with a human touch can be effective for creating a long-lasting impression.

8. Use Visually Appealing Posts 

Well, social media is all about graphics. Therefore, you can gain attention by publishing some interesting animations or infographics. You can also create videos for a better social media approach. For the same, you can hire an expert to create interesting graphical or animated stories representing your business or business stories.

9. Schedule Your Posts According to your target audience

You should always consider the location of your audience and consider their timeline while scheduling posts. For example, many people use their phones during lunch or before sleeping. Targeting such a schedule according to your target audience can be effective. While targeting the U.S. market, make sure to keep different timezones in the mind as well.

10. Promote your content with mobile apps as well

Mobile apps can help you in targeting a wider range of the market. In other words, you can find a developer to build an app and promote your social media content through the same. Prepare the list of social media apps that works as a great platform for endorsement. With mobile apps, your audience can stay in sync with your social media updates.