What is SEO and why do i need it?

What is SEO and why do i need it?

Lets learn more about SEO. Let’s imagine that you have seemingly the perfect online business… one with an attractive, easy to navigate and informative website, and that offers the most in-demand products or services. But does anybody even know about your site?

That’s basically what search engine optimization or SEO is all about. It involves getting your site to a better position in the search engine result rankings, which, here at Alphacreative we’re pretty good at.

You see, if you want effective advertising for your online business, it really does come no better than a good search engine result ranking, for keywords that people are actually searching for. These days, if you are in need of a certain product or service, chances are that you will join millions of other people in performing a Google search for it, before selecting one of the highest-ranked results.

Search engine optimization is becoming more and more important as traditional means of finding products or services, such as phone books, fall by the wayside. So, your own online business really needs to get its SEO strategy right.

Get your website noticed with the best SEO

Some people like to create the impression that SEO is an arcane, mysterious secret, but it really isn’t. It is both an art and a science, involving the coding of your website so that search engine spiders and human users can find it more easily.

The needs of these two groups go hand in hand in SEO, with both looking for relevant and high quality content. Therefore, just shoving in a few obvious keywords won’t cut it.

Researching the right keywords for your site

Indeed, keyword research is central to successful SEO, as it’s mainly keywords that people use to search for things on the net. This means that you’ll need to anticipate what keywords people are likely to use to search for your firm’s products or services.

It’s not as simple as that sounds, though. You need to strike the right balance with your chosen keywords. You won’t want to use keywords that no one is searching for, for example, but nor is it much good to use keywords for which the competition from other companies leaves you with little chance of ranking highly. Contact Alphacreative today for a discussion of your SEO requirements, in plain English. We’ll have you ranking higher and easier to find online in no time!


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